Writing Coaching

Editing and Indexing are related skills. Often, as in my FSU Graduate Certificate in Editing and Publishing (earned in 2011), one learns them together. Coaching others through writing is a completely different skill-set, however. I began coaching writers as a peer tutor at the Writing Center at Valdosta State University, where I completed my Bachelor’s degree. As a writing teacher at University of South Florida, Florida State University, Valdosta State University, and Eckerd College, I honed my classroom skills, but I also grew as a writing coach.

Writing coaching is a one-on-one affair. It requires the ability to read deeply into a text, but sometimes, it also requires finding ways to read deeply into its author as well, and help her or him form the text. I have coached writers who have yet to begin their writing. I have coached writers in the throes of organizing their ideas and chapters in their books. I have helped with all levels of writing from the shortest college-level essay to book-length work. And I have made use of writing coaching for my own work.

It can be an amazingly fruitful and satisfying challenge to help another person find and use their voice. It is always a challenge to step out of one’s own approaches and opinions, and help another find or make tools for approaching topics. I find this work deeply fulfilling.