Dr. Leah F. Cassorla

drc-headshotBorn in Israel to American parents, Leah F. Cassorla, Ph.D., MFA, has had the great benefit of growing up bilingual and bi-cultural. This hybridity has contributed greatly to her love of language and writing, and allows Dr. Cassorla to work as a writer, editor and indexer, as well as a Hebrew teacher and translator.

Dr. Cassorla holds a Bachelor’s degree in journalism, a Master’s in rhetoric and composition, a Master of Fine Arts in fiction, a graduate certificate in editing and publishing, and a Ph.D. in rhetoric and composition. In May of 2016, she will have finished coursework for her third Master’s, this one in religions of Western Antiquities. Her broad academic background has served Dr. Cassorla in her freelance work as an editor, indexer, Hebrew teacher and translator, and writing coach for more than 15 years.

Working as a technical writer for AMDOCS in Israel, Dr. Cassorla ran a help desk for technical writers and taught the use of Microsoft Word. She also corrected documents archived in the AMDOCS system to bring them in line with proper formatting. Later, as an undergraduate, Dr. Cassorla’s instructors and mentors began to see her editing talents and hired her to edit work for tenure and promotion files. This soon blossomed into a word-of-mouth occasional business for Dr. Cassorla, through which she has had the pleasure of editing and indexing books ranging from fiction, such as a part of Jeffrey Vasseur’s Discovering the World: Thirteen Stories, to non-fiction including finance books, such as The Bear Market Survival Guide by Timothy McIntosh. As a graduate student, she has held several part-time or temporary jobs including working as a technical writer and editor for a medical practice, a professor in the Business school at Florida State University, and another in the school of hospitality. Her editing and indexing skills also led to her working during her graduate career for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, during which tenure she not only edited the Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) training textbooks as part of a three-person team, but also indexed both the LEO textbook and the Correctional Officer (CO) text. She also worked as an editor with the Florida State Senate Bill Drafting Office, editing bills before their final drafting phases and writing commendations to be read on the floor. Her recent indexing work includes Katheryn Wright’s The New Heroines: Female Embodiment and Technology in 21st-CenturyPopular Culture, published in March 2016. Additionally, Dr. Cassorla has authored numerous articles, worked as assistant editor for Kairos: CoverWeb, an online, peer-reviewed journal, and assisted scholars and colleagues by editing articles for publication as well as correcting citation issues.

With over a decade of editing and publishing assistance work, Dr. Cassorla has maintained a focus on the author and the author’s voice, building a diverse clientele of private, corporate, and scholarly writers who count on her to help make sure their work is the best it can be before it comes to the public.

Dr. Cassorla lives in Tallahassee, FL., where she edits, writes, teaches, and sings whenever and wherever possible. Her three great loves, her husband, her dogs, and her books, all reside with her.